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Stellenbosch University is located in the Western Cape, South Africa. It has an academic community of around 28 000 students, and is stretched over five different campuses. There are approximately 3000 foreign students at the university. The architecture of the main campus is something to take note of, as some of the buildings are centuries old, and extremely beautiful. The main campus is located in Stellenbosch, which is the second oldest town in South Africa – the setting is picturesque, with many trees and plenty of greenery on the campus.

Established on 1 March 1866 as the Stellenbosch Gymnasium, it underwent a few name changes – due to accreditation – before finally becoming Stellenbosch University in 1918. It was the first African university to sign the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities. It is one of only three public universities in the Western Cape, and one of about 20 in South Africa.

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Stellenbosch is well known around South Africa as an Afrikaans town, making Stellenbosch University a predominantly Afrikaans university. Students are allowed to write their tests, examinations and assignments in either English or Afrikaans. Lectures are held in English and/or Afrikaans, depending on the faculty and on the composition of the class.

The language policy at Stellenbosch University is currently a topic of much debate, as some people feel that the Afrikaans heritage of the university should be preserved, while others are in favour of transformation.


The students of Stellenbosch University are known as “Maties.” There are two possible explanations for the origin of this nickname: the first is that it is derived from the colour of the rugby uniform, which is “tamatie” (tomato) red; the other is that it is derived from the Afrikaans word for friend, buddy or mate: “maat”.

Stellenbosch offer, Bookkeeping courses, Accounting Courses

Stellenbosch University is also famous for its socials, parties, and student nightlife. The students are known to be extremely sociable and friendly people who are always in the mood for a good party, making new friends, and hosting new events.


The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences

The Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences – then known as the Faculty of Commerce and Administration – was officially established as an independent faculty in 1925. The faculty has seen steady growth, increasing from 15 students when the faculty was launched in 1925, to 6692 students in 2006.

Apart from offering Accounting courses, the faculty also offers courses in Statistics and Actuarial Science, Economics, Information Science, and Business Management.

Stellenbosch University offers Accounting courses that are recognised by SAICA, CIMA and ACCA. They also have an initiative called the Thuthuka programme, which is aimed at trying to encourage people who have been previously disadvantaged to pursue a career  in Chartered Accounting. The word ‘thuthuka’ means “to develop” in Zulu. This programme is implemented at different levels.

There is also a bursary fund for the Chartered Accounting programme. This fund is aimed at increasing the numbers of enrolments and improving the pass rates in the African and Coloured communities by providing them with support, both financially and academically.

Stellenbosch University offers the following accounting programmes:

§ Chartered Accounting



§ MComm (Tax) / MAcc (Tax)

§ MComm (Computer Auditing)

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